Making Effective Infrastructure Decisions

Start Date:14 Aug 2017
Finish Date:14 Aug 2017

The course is relevant to those people trying to make infrastructure decisions at many levels - strategic level of service decisions, compiling a prioritised ‘optimised’ programme of work or determining the best capital project or operational programme solution to a specific problem. 

In this course attendees will learn about key aspects of decision making and work through the decision process from defining the problem and establishing objectives through to evaluating the effectiveness of the decision made and the benefits achieved. A comparison of decision frameworks will be presented including the NAMS ‘Optimised Decision Making’ process, Better Business Case and Investment Logic Mapping.  Guidance is given on when and how to use different decision techniques (Net Present Value, risk frameworks, Multi criteria analysis, etc) and establishing decision criteria. The seminar will also cover ISO 55001 requirements with respect to asset management decision making.

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