Valuation of Infrastructure Assets Seminar Evaluation


How did you rate the Presentation? And would you encourage your colleagues to attend this seminar?


"Excellent presentation, clear speech, good slides"

"I have been to a number of NAMS courses over the last 12 months. Brian has been the most informative presenter to date. Very knowledgable on the topic"

"Yes, very comprehensive overview of valuations, all aspects covered in good depth"

"Definatly. Recommending to at least three staff members"

"Yes. Good course to set the base on which they could then develop specific knowledge"

"Yes, to learn and appreciate the concepts in Valuation processes"

"Yes, there's more to it thank you may think!"

"Yes, it is a good grounding for knowledge of preparing for a valuation"

"Yes. Well presented, good mix of theory and case studies"

"Yes, good understaning of valuation models, what needs to be valued and how infrastructure assets are depreciated and the working"

"Very good value gained from presenters, added benefit in liaising with other local authority practitioners"

"Yes, Parks and Reserves - we need a better understaing of valuation within our area"

"Good for update on recent OAG requirements"


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