Consultative Forum


The NAMS Group established the Consultative Forum to provide a mechanism for ongoing discussions about asset management issues between the industry and the NAMS Group.  This resource is a key element in ensuring the NAMS Group remains industry relevant in the development and delivery of its asset management products and services.

In order to ensure wide representation whilst still keeping the forum to a manageable size, membership is by invitation from NAMS Board.  The 9 members come from a very wide range of industries within the asset management sector and are all keen advocates of asset management. The Forum meets every six months.

Members are: Chris Parkman, Dean Taylor, Hugh Blake-Manson, Iain Gillies, Kerry Hollingsworth, Lisa Roberts, Marshall Clark, Michael Schruer and Peter Davies. All were selected as individuals and not as representatives of an organisation.

To view the Summary of Discussion from the 12th May meeting - click here

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