What is the Yardstick Project?


Yardstick is a benchmarking project owned by NZRA and focused on parks and recreation activities. It collects and compares a range of information relating to the provision of services, cost of service provision, asset management processes, planning and policy information and customer expectations and levels of satisfaction.


Yardstick comprises several sub-projects including:


  • Yardstick Parks - a benchmarking tool for the parks industry
  • Yardstick ParkCheck - a benchmarked park user customer survey
  • Yardstick Pools and Leisure Centres - a benchmarking tool for the swimming pools and multi use leisure centres
  • Yardstick LeisureCheck - a benchmarked pool and leisure centre user customer survey


Yardstick is managed by a technical group of parks and recreation managers from a range of member organisations in New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Canada and, in future other international organisations. International membership in Yardstick is available through the world parks organisation Ifpra.


The project is intended to operate long term, enabling a range of topics to be covered in detail each year, together with the repetition of some topics in future years to provide trend information. The ongoing changes are intended to reflect the latest industry trends and information needs. The project is self-funding, relying on a subscription from members to cover its costs.


For further information please visit: www.yardstickglobal.org       

or contact:


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