Infratrain Maori National Diploma Scholarships

An asset planner from Auckland has been awarded a National Diploma Scholarship by InfraTrain New Zealand, the Industry Training Organisation for the infrastructure industries.

Brendon Dacey, who works in the Community Services and Parks division of North Shore City Council, received his Scholarship from the Minister of Maori Affairs, Hon Dr Pita Sharples, at an official presentation in Auckland on 7 May.  

Under the Scholarship, Brendon’s employer will receive $10,000 to support him in his professional development, and studies towards a National Diploma in Infrastructure Asset Management.

InfraTrain awarded a total of eight Scholarships as part of the Te Puni Kkiri Maori in Industry and Trades Training project.  One of the aims of the project is to support Maori who presently work in the industry to gain higher level qualifications, including National Diplomas. 

The other Scholarship winners are in the Surveying and Civil Engineering sectors, and employed by organisations including CKL Surveying and Planning, Te Awamutu, Downer NZ, Quality Roading and Services (Wairoa) Ltd, Wairoa District Council. 

Speaking at the presentation, Hon Dr Pita Sharples said, “This is a fantastic and much needed initiative aimed at raising the level of skills and qualifications of Maori within the civil infrastructure industry.  The Maori employees involved get the benefit of improving their skills and qualifications.  This in turn improves their job and promotion prospects.  Equally, employers get the far greater productivity and efficiency that these qualifications bring.”

Dr Sharples continued, “The real strength of this programme is that it is tailored to meet the needs of both Maori employees and employers – ensuring it is flexible and practical enough to succeed in the everyday work life of those involved.  Those receiving the Scholarships are an example to all Maori working within the civil infrastructure industry of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.”

InfraTrain Chief Executive John Wills, added, “We have been greatly impressed with the motivation of our Scholarship winners, and their commitment to their chosen careers.  The Scholarships will enable them to develop the skills and knowledge they need to reach their full potential in their personal and professional lives.”

Addressing the Scholarship winners, John Wills continued, “The Scholarships mark the start of what we hope will be an incredible journey both personally and professionally.    This is your chance to give back to New Zealand what New Zealand is investing in you.”

He added, “Maori form a significant proportion of the infrastructure workforce, and their importance to the industry cannot be overstated.  The planned Government investment into infrastructure will create many opportunities, and call for a highly skilled workforce.  InfraTrain remains committed to working with Maori and non- Maori in the industry to develop these skills and ensure they are ready to meet the challenge.”


Brendon Dacey receiving his certificate.

On the left is InfraTrain Chief Executive, John Wills, and on the right is Hon Dr Pita Sharpes, Minister of Maori Affairs



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