Accounting for Asset Managers Seminar Evaluation


How did you rate the Presentation? And would you encourage your colleagues to attend this seminar?

"Thank you Phillip for a very informative day"

"Very useful day thank you"

" 'Tricks' section particularly informative and taken on board myself for possible attention at my organisation"

"Good speed of delivery and seminar notes"

"Yes, good explanation of tricky areas and tips for better asset management"

"Learned significant new stuff. Didn't realise how out-of-date my knowledge was"

"Yes, great 101 on valuation and how Local Government works financially"

"This course would greatly benefit unti managers of business units at our organisation"

"The course keeps Local Authority staff updated on Asset Management accounting practices"

"Yes, it gives a good understanding of the chain of information between bean counters and asset managers"

"This seminar is a good follow on from the valuation seminar. It will answer the questions you have been asking"

"Yes, great for financial context within Asset Management"


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