Customer Feedback

We take great pride in providing the best expertise and knowledge to those in the industry. At the end of each training seminar we ask attendees to provide feedback, along with suggestions for future seminar topics.  This helps to assist us with the continuous improvement in our seminars.

Some comments taken from our 2009 Seminar Series are below:
“Would you encourage your colleagues to attend this seminar? 
What would you tell them?”         

Writing Asset or Activity Management Plans

“Yes, good for understanding of Asset Management Plan’s content and structure”
“Yes, it would give them a better understanding of the AM Plan process”
“Yes, a good introduction to writing and preparing AMPs”
“Knowledgeable presenters, good flow and with lots of examples”

Advanced Levels of Service

“Yes, good to get perspectives/experiences from other people in the industry”
“Yes, plenty of content to support the manual with supporting advice from the recent LTCCP round”
“Yes. Good resource for enhancing developments of AMP’s”
“Yes, a good extension/addition to previous courses”
“Yes, good examples and new way of doing things. Good to share ideas and experiences”
“Yes, consultation and performance measures”
“Yes, good information on consulting with community and performance measurement”
“A step up from the basic asset management with good examples”
 “Yes, those involved. Just to obtain an understanding and be at or on the same understanding of process”

Incorporating Sustainability into Local Government Planning

“Gives a good broad view of overall sustainability”
“Have attended quite a few sustainability seminars, I really enjoyed the focus and content at this one. Nearly all new ground for me. Thanks”
“This is a really opportunity to think about how the asset and infrastructure and long term planning processes contribute to sustainability”
“Yes – useful in gearing up and informing planned LTCCP process and weaving sustainability into the process”
 “Yes – thoroughness of presentation and value gained from varied experience of the facilitator. Workshop size was also a bonus”

Advanced Asset Management 

 “Yes. Good content and very interesting even though I have only been working in AMP for six months it was still very relevant”
“Very relevant, good content”
“Yes – new techniques to be aware of in assessing projects”
“Yes, need more senior staff/management to learn fundamentals”
“Yes, for those involved in asset management. Good to get them thinking of work practices”
“Yes, very useful tools to use in the organisation and very appropriate”


Asset Management for Property

“Good Level of Detail"
"Cheers John. Your approach was very useful. Also systematic tools could be applied well to other situations rather than AM. Very interesting"
"Yes, very informative from a property managers perspective. Particularly interesting in being able to hear from other participants experiences"
"Good basic overview and good for refocusing where energy should be focused"




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