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In subscribing to the NAMS Property e-Manual you receive access to three highly valuable, cross-referenced resources.

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1. The e-Manual 
The theory of managing a property portfolio backed by relevant case studies and examples.  It includes a comprehensive range of templates, data collection forms and analytical models to use in planning and managing your own portfolio.

2. The Interactive Website
Download analytical models, building component guidelines, health asset standards and planning templates. 

3. The Demonstration Community Database
Powered by SPM Assets software, the demonstration system gives you access to a full range of tactical functions and reports.  Enter your own data into the system to run analytical models such as renewals analysis, project planning, levels of service analysis and depreciated replacement cost valuations – you can use this analysis to produce your own reports, all within the annual subscription.
The model is focused on a five point framework which is based on the following activities – each activity has a dedicated chapter in the manual which describes it in detail:

a) Understand the organisation’s business strategy
b) Know what you have
c) Know what you need
d) Know what’s possible
e) Do the right thing and make it happen!

Background to the manual
The first edition of the NAMS Property Manual was published in 2006.  The work is copyright of the National Asset Management Steering Group, then a division of the NAMS Group which is now part of the Institute of Public Works and Engineering Australasia.  It was developed for the strategic, to tactical, long-term planning for assets in response to the unique drivers and issues that were identified around the management of community owned and special purpose property assets.  Its aim was to enhance the long-term prudent management of property assets through the application of a robust asset-management planning process that was delivered through the manual.  Hundreds of local councils have adopted the manual and the NAMS Property Manual is now considered one of the definitive guides, globally, for asset-planning process. 

The move to establish an e-Manual was in response to keeping up with the rapidly changing world of asset management and the need to provide a regularly updated, reliable source to those who use it. 

Authors (content, technical input and contributions)

The primary author of the manual was Steve Lyons, CEO of SPM Assets Ltd ( .  It was co-authored by six of Steve Lyon’s SPM Assets’ colleagues Chris Jenkins, Kees Beentjes, Craig Jones, Rex Harland and Geoff Beales with Penny Burns from AMQ International, Liam Greer of Housing NZ Corporation and Rob Hawthorne from the Christchurch City Council. 

Recent updates were completed by SPM Assets staff and members of the NAMS Property Asset Management Steering Group.

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To achieve our vision "Enhancing the well being of New Zealand communities through leadership of Asset Management" NAMS is supported through a partnership programme. NAMS would like to acknowledge all of its partners for their support.