NAMS Property Subscribers Area

Welcome to the NAMS Property subscribers area where you receive access to three highly valuable, cross-referenced resources.

1.   The e-Manual 

The theory of managing a property portfolio backed by relevant case studies and examples.  It includes a comprehensive range of templates, data collection forms and analytical models to use in planning and managing your own portfolio.

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2.    Tool Kit

Capex Prioritisation spreadsheet:
Provides a useful tool for the prioritisation of projects considering their costs, available programme budgets, category of property and a range of recommended risk criteria that are weighted. The embedded algorithm considers the weighting of each criteria to produce a risk score for each project, which can be used as the first stage in the decision making process. Based on Section 6 of NAMS Property, it shows how to consider scenarios within a programme to ensure that an optimised decision is made. 

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Commercial Office Space spreadsheet:
A tool to assist with the planning for office accommodation where there is a demand created (positive or negative) over a period of time. This demand is compared to supply to determine a vacancy rate. The spreadsheet allows the entry of different office area rates such as 14 m2 per person to produce a number of scenarios such as mobile working compared to traditional work environments. Additional office space or new construction can be added and the analysis shows the resulting vacancy rate as a comparison across a portfolio or sub portfolios. See Figure 4.11 in NAMS Property.

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AMP Template document:
A useful guide for producing an asset management plan (AMP), specifically for a property portfolio. This template goes beyond a traditional asset maintenance and renewal plan, and shows how the longer term demand, utilisation and functionality considerations are included in an AMP. Each section of the AMP also links to NAMS Property sections and is aligned with AMP sections recommended in the IIMM.

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Capital Intentions spreadsheet:
The comprehensive spreadsheet was originally provided by the Ministry of Health New Zealand. It can be used by one or many organisations to provide a consistent approach to collating and presenting a range of capital expenditure projects in a structured way that considers project drivers, asset types and funding sources over time. It provides a useful tool to assist with the cost allocation process where one project could have multiple drivers and therefore, have multiple funding sources. The spreadsheet has a number of tabs including detailed instructions on how to use the spreadsheet – noting that although it is a specific hospital template, it can be adapted for any industry or organisation.

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AMP Improvement Plan spreadsheet:
The purpose of this template is to gain an understanding of the level of asset management improvement undertaken over the last 2 years (since the completion of the Year 1 AMP), and the planned AMP improvement projects for Year 3.  It is ideally used alongside the 'capital intentions spreadsheet' and 'asset status report' for monitoring the effectiveness of the asset management improvement programme. This has also been provided by the Ministry of Health New Zealand.

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Asset Information spreadsheet:
This tool assists you with providing information about your capital asset values, and particular details about your buildings, their condition, and suitability for future planned service delivery to enable the creation of a Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) as mentioned in ISO55000. Again, it has been provided by the Ministry of Health New Zealand and provides a good example to follow – beyond planned maintenance and renewals.

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3.    The Demonstration Community Database

Powered by SPM Assets software, the demonstration system gives you access to a full range of tactical functions and reports.  Enter your own data into the system to run analytical models such as renewals analysis, project planning, levels of service analysis and depreciated replacement cost valuations – you can use this analysis to produce your own reports.

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