2014 Forum - Papers

Below are the presentations from the 2014 NAMS Advanced Asset Management Forum

The Glide Path to Excellence    Dr Lester Levy

There was no Powerpoint for Dr Levy's presentation but here are some papers that he thinks will be of interest to the delegates:

Aspiring to Lead
Why Leadership Matters
The Call for Leadership

Compass in the Swamp  Lindsay Crossen
Roadblocks and Detours  Dean Kimpton
Tools for the Journey Andrew O'Keefe

Theme 1  - Destinations        
Dr Ian Greenwood
Kees Beenjes & Oriwia Raureti
Richard Anstice
Raymond Tan

Theme 2 – Compass in the Swamp
Ross Waugh
Peter Griffiths
Natalie Rooseboom & Amon Martin
Liam Foster

Theme 3 – Roadblocks and Detours
Vicki Koopai & Jeff Booth
James Hughes & Brian Sharman

Theme 4 – Tools for the Journey

Glyn Syred
Jonathan Morris & Piryani de Silva-Currie

If you need any more information please contact Angela Booth (angela.booth@ipwea.org)

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