Richard Hollier Biography

Richard Hollier - NAMS Chair

Richard was appointed NAMS Chair in April 2011. His qualifications include the National Diploma in Infrastructure Asset Management (NDIAM) as well as Diplomas in Parks and Recreation Management and Horticulture. Richard is currently an assessor for the NDIAM. He also served on NAMS as the New Zealand Recreation Association representative from 1996 to 1998.

Richard works for Auckland Council as Manager Regional Parks Operations and has over 20 years local government management experience in all facets of parks, recreation and community facilities management. He was the recipient of the Ian Galloway Award in 1997 in recognition of excellence in park management.

Previously Richard lead the Advisory Services team for Maunsell Ltd (now AECOM) in Auckland and had 10 years infrastructure asset management experience working on a wide variety of projects including a close involvement in the development of a number of national asset management guidelines and standards. He is a contributing author of the International Infrastructure Management Manual, the New Zealand Infrastructure Asset Valuation and Depreciation Guidelines and the Creating Customer Value from Community Assets Manual. He has delivered NAMS training courses over a number of years and has presented asset management training in South Africa, Australia and Fiji.


Richard sees the key issues for asset management in NZ as:

·         Developing a strong body of qualified and skilled asset planners particularly in local and central government in NZ.

·         Encouraging best practice AM planning processes to be implemented in a transparent manner so that asset owners have a real understanding of asset performance and the level of investment required to maintain their infrastructure in a sustainable manner.

·         Providing the impetus for further innovation in AM practice in NZ in an environment where the momentum of developing best practice has slowed. Australia and NZ lead the world in the development of AM but now other countries are taking up the baton and surging ahead.


The key opportunities for NAMS are to:

·         Provide leadership in AM through strong advocacy of the role the AM has in delivering sustainable and cost effective infrastructural services to our communities particularly during difficult economic times.

·         Continue to develop and provide relevant, high quality training and development opportunities for AM practitioners in NZ.

·         Develop and make available a suite of up to date, relevant and practical tools that enable consistent and high standards of AM practice to be delivered.


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