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John O'Brien - NAMS Board Member


John works for Auckland City Council in the role of Manager, for Property Management. John has worked for the council in a variety of property asset management roles for the last 15 years. Previously he worked in similar roles in both Housing Corporation and Housing New Zealand. He thinks that his role on the board helps to balance a possible perception that asset planning is only for engineers. John describes himself as a right-brainer with qualifications more people than property centred.

John is a strong believer in the precept that the property assets he and his team manage are owned by the community for its use, and that his job is to ensure that the community gets best value from its investment. Asset management planning is really about providing optimal customer benefit for an acceptable cost.

John believes that one of the benefits of the current work situation is that his team manages a comprehensive range of property management services.

These services include lease management, facilities management, supplier management and asset planning management across a portfolio of about 600 buildings and many more areas of land. This means that asset planning activities, and the important condition, performance and life-cycle cost and benefits asset issues that are addressed, are not isolated from the everyday activities of tenant and building management. The tensions between teams in terms of building management are sometimes all too real, but real benefits come from the debates that ensure. No-one said that asset management was supposed to be easy! John expects that the teams will work seamlessly together to provide excellent customer service outcomes - which, of course, is a work in progress.

John O'Brien
NAMS Board Director
P. +64 27 494 9675


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