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Brian Smith - NAMS Board Member


Brian is an Economist and Chartered Accountant graduating from the University of Canterbury in 1975. Brian had a long career (28 years!) in Audit NZ and the Office of the Auditor General where he had a variety of roles starting as a “beancounter” financial auditor and ending up as a Director of Specialist Assurance Services when he left Audit in 2004.

In the mid 1990s Brian had an audit liaison role with ALGENZ (as it was then known), which rapidly transpired into a close working relationship on the emerging asset management issues in local government.

Brian became a founder member of the NAMS Steering Committee from 1996 until he left Audit NZ in 2004. During that time Brian was involved in the production of NAMS manuals, guidance and training courses. Brian joined MWH in 2004 as a management consultant specializing in LTCCP planning, asset management and governance reviews. In 2007 Brian left MWH to start his own consultancy – again specializing in asset management and long term planning in the public sector. Brian is a training facilitator in a variety of NAMS asset management seminars.
In 2008 Brian was invited to be a director of the NAMS Board – a position he was delighted to accept!

Brian sees the key issues for asset management in NZ as;
• Bringing local government asset planning to a more advanced level with the need to delve into more detail the financial and costing issues in levels of service option analysis and optimised decision making
• That other sectors in the public service (central government, tertiary education etc) approach asset management in the same manner as local government (“don’t re-invent the wheel”)
• That the NZ Infrastructure Plan, due late 2009, provides a springboard and additional catalyst for integrated asset management.

Brian would like to see NAMs at the forefront of each of the above issues and to be at the cutting edge of innovation in asset management philosophy and its practical application.

Brian Smith
NAMS Board Director
P. +64 3 323 6335


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