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How long will it take for my manual to arrive within New Zealand?

Once your order has been received and payment has been confirmed, your order should arrive within 1-2 business days from its dispatch.

How long will it take for my manual to arrive to my overseas destination?

Once your order has been received and payment has been confirmed, your order will arrive between 2-10 business days from its dispatch. Delivery time depends on your destination.

Destination  Estimated Delivery Time
Australia(Zone A) 2-3 days
South Pacific
(Zone B)
2-5 days
East Asia and Northern America
(Zone C)
4-10 days
UK and Europe (Zone D) 5-6 days
Rest of world (Zone E) 2-5 days


Where do I find information on how to qualify for your asset management competency qualifications? How do your seminars link to that offered by Infratrain, who is also offering Asset Management training? Do you work together or separately? 

NAMS offers a range of training seminars including introductory courses, general courses and advanced level courses. All seminars are a mix of theory, analysis of actual case studies and practical examples with a range of exercises. The NAMS Group works closely with Infratrain, the Industry Training Organisation for the infrastructure industries. Together with Infratrain, NAMS has developed the world-class National Diploma in Infrastructure Asset Management this is a partnership with and is fully endorsed by the NAMS Group. The NAMS Group considers the National Diploma to be the benchmark for competency of managers of both public and private assets.  It is recommended by the NAMS Group as the ideal learning pathway for asset managers.

Entry is open with no prerequisites, but in order to complete work-based learning, the candidate needs to be employed, or have been employed in an asset management role.

Please visit our  National Diploma page for more information

How is the Infratrain Qualification Completed?

The National Diploma in Infrastructure Asset Management is achieved through the completion of nine practical work activities and recognition of relevant work experience and on-job training. Evidence of this experience and professional development courses attended is collected in a workbook for verification and assessment by an approved assessor, who is assigned on enrolment.

The theoretical knowledge required to complete this qualification is provided through various NAMS Seminars. We provide a series of one day off-job seminars which cover all aspects of asset management. Attendance at these seminars is highly recommended. The NAMS manual; International Infrastructure Management Manual is the NAMS Group flagship product and is recognised internationally as the definitive guide to asset management theory. A copy of this is provided on enrolment.     

We want to order the International Infrastructure Management Manual but would like to know if there is a shop in South Africa where you distribute this book to and where we can buy it from?  

There is a distributor for the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) in SA. It is called IMESA, their Head Office is situated in Durban (Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa). Contact details are:

W.  www.imesa.org.za
T. +27 (0) 31 266 3263
F. +27 (0) 31 266 5094

Postal Address:
PO Box 2190
Westville 3630
South Africa

Do you accept American Express for payment?

This option will be available shortly.

Is there are student price available for NAMS Manuals?

Yes, we do offer a student price for the NAMS Manuals. We need to recieve confirmation of the student's enrolment registration at the time of the purchase, for the discount to be recieved.


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